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About Me!

Grateful to Voyage Denver for sharing my story.

I’m a middle-aged lady. I grew up on a farm in Iowa but Colorado has been my home for 20+ years. I live in Denver with my daughter Juliet (12) and dog, Leo (2). I have run my own freelance writing business since 2011. It’s currently changing and evolving. Which feels scary. And exhilarating.

It should evolve. Because I’ve evolved. Like many women blessed by the 4th decade of life, I’m done playing in the BS. My own BS and that of others.

Currently, I help brands find stories that exemplify their work. Sometimes that’s writing web copy for a law firm that is a great place to work. Sometimes it’s a feature about a discovery that’s changing what’s known about Down syndrome. Sometimes it’s developing a brand persona and voice for a start-up marketing firm to demonstrate its unique value. Every day is different.

Above all, I work with people I respect and enjoy who are doing good things on this planet.


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