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Brand-Based Storytelling for a Nonprofit Mindfulness Space

I love finding stories in the places I spend time.

Yoga at Shyft at Mile High became a routine for me when I worked as their communications director. That's where I met Nate.

Nate isn't Shyft's typical student. But he's just the kind of student the nonprofit wishes to attract and serve. They believe mindfulness practices, such as yoga and meditation, are for everyone. And every body. Shyft believes that as we heal ourselves as individuals, we can heal our communities.

Nate's story is such a great example of the power of mindfulness, and the power of creating a space where everyone feels welcome.

After interviewing Nate, I used a single interview to w

rite a series of stories about his experience. The stories honor him as an individual while exemplifying the Shyft brand. There's a long-form version for the nonprofit's blog, a shorter version for their newsletter, plus five suggested social media posts.

Your people are tired. Tired of being "sold," tired of feeling ignored, tired of all the noise. They are craving something meaningful. I'd love to find stories that both honor the people you serve and who work for you—and exemplify your brand's promise. Email me to get started.

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