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It's About Me

You might remember me as Carie Sherman, Freelance Writer. I'm glad you found me here. I'm back to my maiden name: Carie Behounek.

Admittedly, it's a questionable choice for SEO. Even my 11-year-old still has a hard time spelling it. Plus, no one outside of a 25 mile radius of Chelsea, Iowa can say Behounek (learn how on LinkedIn). I've met one person in Denver who knows how to say it. It's a funny story I'll share over cocktails.

Nonetheless, changing my name was the right choice for my heart.

My new title is TBD.

I'm not exactly sure where I fit in right now. Here's what I know:

  1. I'm enamored by my new creative project. It's in NKOTB status. There's a lot of room to grow. This does not stop me from bragging about it. I'm even managing social media, despite proclamations that I'd never manage another social media site again. (Instagram | Facebook)' I'm having so much fun.

  2. I'm also serving as communications consultant for a nationwide network of pediatric health systems researchers. (We're redoing the website NOW 😉!) I feel passionate about it. I spent a good eight years embroiled with the health care system. It's traumatizing. These scientists are making it better for the most vulnerable among us: children with special health care needs and their families. It's good stuff.

  3. My employer of the last four years honored me with a three-month contract after I decided to relaunch my business. I'm spending the last month of this contract immersed in what I loved most about this job: sitting down and chatting with the people they serve. I'm providing them with long-form stories that honor both person and the nonprofit community each entity has built. It's dream work. ❤️

    • Once approved, I'll be adding to this site stories about Melissa, Cross, and Juan. They are three of Cafe 180's community members. If you're ever in Englewood, stop for lunch. Cafe 180 is a really special place. The food is great. The mission is even better. Here is my story about it.

    • I'm also writing about Jahze. He had a hard time finding employment after high school and entered GoodTurn Cycle's 12-week internship program. They met him where he was at, and now he's earned himself a full-time job at their retail shop selling e-bikes (he's already sold more than $30,000!). If you've ever considered purchasing an e-bike in Colorado, GoodTurn Cycles is the place to go.

    • Lastly, I caught up with Nate, a student at Shyft at Mile High. He's a firefighter and paramedic learning new ways of being through practicing mindfulness, It's so cool how our brains can change through stillness and quiet. Meditation has been an enormous part of my personal and professional journey. Read my story here.

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