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My Beat is Your Brand

I had a professor in college who believed all advertising was unethical. I vehemently disagreed with him in 1998. Now in 2022, I believe he was a genius and certainly ahead of his time.

He also gave me a terrible grade. I deserved it. He was unmoved by my tears. This was exactly the last time I attempted to manipulate a person using them.

Over my 20+ year career, I've helped organizations market products and services. I've turned down work that made my stomach hurt. I've been asked to do work that is overtly unethical.

Now, as I live through my own personal addiction to my iPhone and absorb the chaos that is the modern day social dilemma, I can honestly say:

I sit firmly in Camp Jensen.

But, I’m pragmatic. Businesses need to communicate. And not all businesses are the devil.

If you're doing good work in the world, I'd love to work with you. My services include:

  • Content (long form; short form)

  • Copy (taglines; web copy; print; branding)

  • Communications (general support; packages available)

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