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The true definition of creativity

People tel

l me all the time that they aren't creative. But that's only because they are using a definition of creativity that somehow equates it to art or music or the written word. In truth, we're all creative beings. We all came here to create. And creativity is something we can allow into our life through the NOW moment. Creativity is NOT something to be pinned down by your ego's most maniacal plans. Creativity is about connection. And how we can put things together in a way that is meaningful, useful, and/or beautiful. We engage with our creativity anytime we find a new way of being; a new way of letting go of the “shoulds”; a new way of showing up in the world. We engage with our creativity when we expand a perspective or deepen a mindset or just let ourselves play. We engage with our creativity when we cook something yummy or solve a puzzle or put together a cute outfit or make a new Pinterest board or rename the dog for the 30th time in a single evening. Allowing creativity into our lives makes us feel smart and sassy and sexy and silly and yeah sometimes stupid. (p.s., feeling stupid lets our egos die a sad little Death By Embarrassment. Then our soul-self can have a cathartic laugh at our ego's hubris and go back to living life like it's meant to be fun, because it's meant to be fun.) Engaging with our creativity MAKES US FEEL ALIVE. Even the smallest actions can shift you into a new way of being that reconnects you with this vital aspect of yourself. Happy creating, friends! Leave a comment if this resonates! #mindset #creativity #play

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