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Community-Based Story: Juan Finds Rest at Cafe 180

Updated: Jun 6, 2022

I love talking to people. Especially people whose lives are very different from my own.

One of the greatest gifts I received as a freelancer is my relationship with Cafe 180. It's a community-based restaurant in Englewood, Colorado that serves everybody, regardless of ability to pay. They hired me in ~2015ish to write their website, and I continued to provide support. I even wrote what became their tagline: Full Belly. Full Heart. (I love writing taglines for any brand, but I know in my heart this will always be my favorite.)

Cafe 180 was the first client I truly immersed myself in. And it shows in the stories I told for them, both as freelancer and as their communications director. I now believe that the best stories come from being part of an organization's culture.

I'd love to immerse myself in your organization's culture--email me to get started!)

As one might imagine, it takes a certain level of openness to earn the trust of someone like Juan. His story, truly, would bring even the most stoic to their knees. Because my focus was honoring his story as well as the cafe's brand, this sample provides glimpses of his daily life on the streets of Englewood. To know what he experienced throughout his 31 years fills me with compassion for people experiencing homeless.

Everybody has a story. I'm honored Juan trusted me to tell his. PDF of story linked below.

sample -juan (3)
Download PDF • 1.19MB

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