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Samples: The art of the Q & A

As a reader, I love a good Q & A.

Yet an easy-to-read, audience-appropriate Q & A takes behind-the-scenes work. It's rarely as easy as just asking the subject matter expert a few questions.

For me, the conversation comes first. Having a few planned questions is important. As is having a general sense of where the conversation needs to go.

From there, I let the person I'm interviewing find their flow.

The story emerges from there.

My job as a storyteller is to polish the raw interview. I maintain the interviewee's voice and write the brand-based questions that support the objective of the piece.

Here are two recent examples:

  1. Q & A with Meg Comeau for CYSHCNet, a national network of pediatric health systems researchers with a mission of making life better for kids with special health care needs.

  2. Q & A with Alexis McClain, for my personal passion project, MiddleAgedLadyShit. Alexis spoke with vulnerability on so many topics, including grief and getting sober in middle age.

Q & As are a great way to tell your brand's story. Need help telling yours? Email me.

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